Our office in Frechen

Our office in the city of Frechen near Cologne is the head office of CT Logistics hosting both the ‚C’ of CT Logistics and the accounting department. The ‚C’ is Christophe Lejan, one of the two general managers, who, with his many years of experience, is pleased to ship your goods especially starting in France into all European Countries both safely and on time to their destinations. Christophe Lejan is looking forward to receiving your phone calls and inquiries. He will be pleased to give you some individual prices at the phone.

Contact: Christophe Lejan – Tel.: +49 2234 94833-13 – Email: c.lejan@ctlogistic.com

Buchhaltung, Finanz und Schadenabteilung: Email: accounting@ctlogistic.com

Veronique Bischoff (Buchhaltung): Email: v.bischoff@ctlogistic.com
Sonja Julienne (Buchhaltung): Email: s.julienne@ctlogistic.com
Stéphanie Lejan (Finanz- und Schadenabteilung): Email: s.lejan@ctlogistic.com